The winners and runner-ups of each group advanced to quarterfinal. During the draw procedure, the winners of groups were among the seeded teams and the runner-ups among the unseeded teams. Then, each seeded team was drawn to play against one unseeded team. The unseeded teams were granted the right to play at their home stadiums to have better chance to advance to semifinals.

Quarterfinals are one-leg matches. Therefore, only the home teams (teams on the left) are required to send invitations. The game dates were set for Friday, Saturday and Sunday (same as up to now) on 29, 30 and 31 March 2013 at any time (agreed to by teams in match or decided by the home team).

Since all teams play only one match, penalty shooutout will decide the winner of each match in case of a draw. Therefore...

Do not forget to check penalty shooutout before sending your invitation!

If the match ends in a tie and the penalty shootout is not set, the away team will be granted the advance to semifinal.